Modern and beautyful design

      • E-shop base includes 1 base design with 5 different colors
      • Can be change background, color and other elements in design
      • Possible to install totally new design
      • Possible to make your personal design for free
      • All designs are responsive
      • All designs can be changed and reaaranged
      • We help you also design logo if needed

Products and categories

      • Products in table, search with model, name, price or quantity
      • Products can be added unlimited pictures
      • Product can be add parameters, like color, size etc).
      • Possible to add minimum order quantity
      • Can be add or remove tax fee
      • Similar products linking
      • Many different categories for one product
      • Unlimited number of categories and subcategories
      • Product can be disabled in store
      • Can be added watermark
      • Products can be linked to customer groups
      • Can be add different stock statuses if product not in store (like pre-order)
      • All url-s are seo friendly

Customer management

      • In eshop can be register as customer
      • Can be allow to buy without registration
      • Can be make many customer groups (like wholesale)
      • Customer groups can be linked with discounts
      • Unlimited number of shipping addresses
      • Newsletter to one customer or to customer group
      • Customer IP blocking
      • All customers are managable from admin


      • Order are registered in order register
      • Orders can be made to invoice
      • Orders and invoices can be saved as pdf
      • Order can be changed status (like shipped)
      • Customer can reorder previous orders
      • Order sent to cusotmer after order is placed
      • Order can be change also after order is placed


      • Can be reduce product price
      • Can be add local taxes to the product
      • Prices can be linked to customer groups
      • Discount campaigns with time limit
      • Can be add wholesale price
      • Can be linked with bonus point system
      • Can be used coupongs and giftcards

Shipping methods

      • Fixed shipping
      • Unit based shipping
      • Weight based shipping
      • DPD, UPS and Others

Payment methods

      • Payment via bank transfer
      • Payment via creditcard
      • Payment with cash on delivery
      • Paypal, Moneybookers and others

Content Management

      • Possible to create unlimited infopages
      • Product inquiry&comment system
      • Blog and news
      • Picture gallery
      • Contact form
      • Google maps integration
      • Social media integration


      • XML datafeed import and export
      • API integration
      • Autosync
      • Can be integrated with different bookkeeping software
      • Can be integrated with mailchimp
      • Can be integrated with facebook (like autoposting)


      • Google analytics
      • Product views and orders
      • Selling statistics
      • Customer statistics


      • Admin false login attempts log
      • Can be limit access to admin based on IP
      • Eshop sertification service

Extras to different packets

  • Every packet includes FREE SEO test
  • Every packet includes FREE visitors statistic monitoring
  • From Midi packet includes websecure service
  • From Maxi packet is possible to use premium domain (look here)

NB! All the benefits can be used since second month!

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