Help and Support

To add information pages go admin >> catalog >> information and add new page. Fill all the required fields and also SEO word place, because this will give effect to search engines.

To add shipping methods go admin >> extensions >> shipping and choose suitable shipping method from the list. Default is fixed shipping.

To add logo, please go admin >> settings >> change >> picture and choose your picture. Logo can be different size, because system automatically cuts it for right size.

To add payment method go admin >> extensions >> payment. Bank tranfer is by default.

To add customer go admin >> sales >> customers and pick new. Fill all required fields and klick save. All customer can create also account.

Customer groups can be added unlimited numbers. Go admin >> sales >> customer groups and choose to change or add new.

To add products, go admin >> catalog >> products and after that select new tab. You can also make a copy from older product.

To add catetgories go admin >> catalog >> categories and choose new category. Fill all required fields and save.

Before you can add parameters to the product you need to create suitable parameter for the product. Go admin >> catalogue >> selection and makse new selection. After that go to edit product and add this selection to product.

To add special price to product go admin >> catalogue >> products and choose the product you want to link with special price and open special tab and add customer group, price and time. if you choose not to add time, then it will last continuesly,

You can add discount price for the whole sallers. Go admin >> catalogue >> products and open product discount tab and add discount, also don’t forget to add minimum quantity.

To add pictures to product, go admin >> catalogue >> products and open product for changing. Then add main picture in data tab, and you also can add additional images.